CRDSTU WH Grand Cherokee & XH Commander Front Coils

  • CRDSTU WH Grand Cherokee & XH Commander Front Coils

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The WH Grand Cherokee is a perfect example of when Jeep gets a vehicle right. With the correct lift and a few other minor mods, the WH will go nearly anywhere a JK can go, and outshine most other 4x4's on the market. The Jeep Commander, although built on the same platform as the WH, was a low selling vehicle in Australia. But those that went out and got one have mostly held on to them, making their entry to the 2nd hand market uncommon, and 3rd hand very rare. A nicely lifted commander can go anywhere and do anything.

CRDSTU 08 - For WH Grand Cherokees / Commander, with no bull bar.

CRDSTU 08B - For WH Grand Cherokees with a bull bar. All Jeep Commanders must run these coils.