GDE WK2 Grand Cherokee CRD 8 Speed Transmission Tune

  • GDE WK2 Grand Cherokee CRD 8 Speed Transmission Tune
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Green Diesel Engineering formed in early 2009 and was established to fill a void left in the diesel performance market by add-on boxes or roughly-developed programmers that don't truly take advantage of the performance and economy potential offered by diesel power systems.
Comprised of a team with numerous years experience working in the OEM diesel calibration field, Green Diesel Engineering believes that a diesel engine doesn't have to emit billowing clouds of smoky exhaust or rattle like a tractor to be fast or economical.

Install Software

This product will be deployed using the GDE hand-held flash tool. Please see instructions on the right on how to use and interact with the tool.
To email us your stock ECU File, please download the software HERE
You will need a Windows PC to run the software, unfortunately, Mac OSX is not supported by Green Diesel Engineering.


Because this item is not a small purchase, we ship this in an Australia Post overnight express bag with tracking. For this item, we CAN ship to Australian PO Boxes.
Shipping is included for all Australian capital cities / all areas serviced by Australia Post's network.

What this tune does

• Improved shift quality
• GearCommand™ enabled for full control over shifts - no more forced upshifts when using paddles at high RPM
• Optimized shift points for better fuel economy, responsiveness, and use of full engine torque range
• Eco mode always starts in second gear
• Optimized shift points for DPF regeneration mode to complete in faster time and achieve better efficiency
• Dyno cal feature allows in-gear operation up to wide open throttle without up- or down-shifting - very useful for running the vehicle on a chassis dynamometer. This is an extra file that gets included during the tuning process.
• Full list of tune details can be found at below.

Please Note: We can NOT supply this tune to the USA. If you're a US based customer looking for a tune, us supplying this tune would go against EPA regulations. Unfortunatly this means you will need to find a US based tuning option.

Key Features: 

• Eliminates 2-1 downshift hesitation at low-speed tip-in maneuvers (i.e. rolling stop sign re-acceleration)
• Upshifts earlier in all conditions for improved fuel economy.
• Downshift criteria revamped to best utilize engine torque curve and stay in each gear longer.
• Hill mode optimization to prevent gear hunting
• Refinement on shift scheduling in altitude to provide better engine responsiveness
• Revamped warm-up mode scheduling to provide faster engine warmup (i.e. 1 - 2 gears lower compared to normal shift maps)
• Increased minimum engine speed after upshifting during DPF regeneration for better regen efficiency (this feature will only appear with the GDE Hot Tune installed in ECM).
• Eliminated shift schedule offset based on steering wheel angle to give better continuity of powertrain presence.
• All new tow/haul mode scheduling for maintaining best engine speed range during trailering.
• More use of converter lockup and reduced slip rates to reduce tranny fluid heat load and improve fuel economy.
• More linear response in shifting in medium/high load.
• The shift speeds are quicker and torque response optimized.
• Positive torque requests enabled during downshifts at lower engine speeds for smoother and quicker shifts.
• Torque management maps calibrated for proper clutch control in high output applications (i.e. GDE Turbo Kit, etc), and positive torque enabled during closed throttle downshifts for improved shift comfort
• Highway passing downshifts are sharper and torque is immediate.
• Holds gear better while towing and less hunting on grades.
• Raised absolute input torque limits to enable full torque capacity of GDE Turbo Kit
• Enables 2nd gear launch from a stop using steering wheel paddles (Jeep).
• Jeep Eco Mode now remembers the last mode selected instead of defaulting always to Eco Mode (for 2014-2015 vehicles)
• Jeep Eco Mode now starts in 2nd gear by default and features a shift scheduled designed for fuel economy.