Hutchinson Rock Monster 17 x 8.5" Beadlock

  • Hutchinson Rock Monster 17 x 8.5" Beadlock
  • Hutchinson Rock Monster 17 x 8.5" Beadlock
  • Hutchinson Rock Monster 17 x 8.5" Beadlock

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Inspired by US Military design and application, built by a tier 1 US Military supplier, the Hutchinson Rock Monster Series of Beadlock wheels are just plain awesome. They combine form, function and aesthetics in a very neat looking wheel.

These wheels run an internal beadlock design via a huge rubber ring that physically seats hard up against both inside edges of the tyre once mounted thus "Beadlocking" both the inner and outer tyre lip.
"Hutchies" as they are know are a 2 piece composite wheel held together by a series of nut and bolt lugs that can be assembled in the field hence the Military's needs.

The Rock Monster from Hutchinson Industrie breaks the mold when it comes to being a serious off road asset. Cast from two pieces of aluminum, the Rock Monster is over engineered to work and get you where you are going. Hutchinson's background is military and heavy duty machinery, so when it comes to reliability and longevity, the Rock Monster is the right tool for the Job. Being a true two piece Beadlocked wheel, the Rock Monster allows you to air down with ease, not slip a bead, and give your Jeep traction in slippery situations while remaining road legal! When choosing what Rock Monster is right for your application Hutchinson provides a specific inner rubber seal that adheres to many popular tire brands and sizes. Finished in a deep Argent, the Rock Monster is as tough as it gets, and looks great while it works!

If you're looking for something that looks tough and don't want to blend in with the rest of the Jeep crowd then look no further.





Key Features:
• Miltary spec construction
• Able to be removed and tyre replacement out in the field with basic tools
• Unique design