JBA Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms

  • JBA Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms
  • JBA Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms
  • JBA Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms
  • JBA Ram 1500 Upper Control Arms

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JBA Offroad manufacturers upper control arms (also known as UCAs or upper a-arms) for the Ram 1500 beginning with 2009 model year. With the right modifications, Ram 1500 models are wonderfully capable off-road vehicles.

All Ram 1500 models have independent front suspension and require replacement of factory upper control arms when lifted beyound 3". If factory UCAs are not replaced, your Ram 1500 alignment and clearances can be incorrect.

When Ram 1500s are lifted, caster is lost from the front-end alignment. Caster is critical for stability over 80km per hour and returns the steering wheel to center after going around a corner. Additionally, factory upper control arms often rub on the front springs at certain articulations. 

JBA led the industry back in 2004 with the development of the first aftermarket upper control arms, which enabled the vehicles with independent front suspension to be safely lifted. Today, JBA upper control arms are installed on thousands of vehicles, including lifted Ram 1500s, and driven all over the world. JBA UCAs work with Ram 1500 lift kits up to 4 inches above factory ride height.


Please Note: We powderocat these arms black, rather than leave them the JBA red. This way they plend in with your vehicle and do not draw too much attention.