J.W. Speaker 8700 EVOJ2 Series LED Headlight

  • J.W. Speaker 8700 EVOJ2 Series LED Headlight
7 kg
Package Dimensions: 
50 × 30 × 30 cm

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LED Headlights – Model 8700 Evolution J2 Series 7" Round Jeep Lights with Dual Burn™

A high performance 7” round Jeep LED headlight offering dual-burn high & low beam optics. This technology combines your high and low beam when turning on your high beam, providing the driver with both widespread visibility along with a powerful punch of light down the road.

    The Model 8700 Evolution J2 Series offers a new technology that we call Dual Burn™, giving JK owners that powerful punch of light they are looking for at night, while maintaining the widespread visibility – lighting things up for both on and off-road users.

    This new series, referred to as the J2 Series, offers three new Jeep LED lights: dual-burn off-road headlights, smoked turn signals, and Jeep fog light kits, all with plug & play installation.

    Available in Black or Carbon Finish

    Key Features:

    • Dual Burn™ high & beam optics for extra punch of light
    • No anti-flicker harness required
    • Plug & play installation
    • ECE & ADR compliant for on-road use
    • ComfortLite™ high beams
    • Street legal supporting ADR standards: