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Murchison KK Cherokee 2.5” Suspension System

  • Murchison KK Cherokee 2.5” Suspension System
  • Murchison KK Cherokee 2.5” Suspension System
  • Murchison KK Cherokee 2.5” Suspension System

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The CRDSTU 2.5” KK Cherokee Kit is essentially “Gen 2” of the KJ Kit. When the KJ hit the end of its life cycle and the KK emerged, the KK made significant improvements in suspension geometry so much so that’s its practically identical to the WH Grand Cherokee. This gave the KK a more stable on road handling characteristic, less body roll and a more HD stock construction parameter. What this meant though is that the KK’s front end was low, really low and it bottomed out quite easily – these effects were only multiplied off road.

Our KK Kit utilises CRDSTU Strut Top Plates as part of the standard kit to achieve a balance between lift and anti top out thus preserving the front struts, it also gives our KK Kits the edge when off roading providing more wheel travel than our competitors, as do our rear shocks.

Please Note: We also sell the Strut Top Plates separately, these can be found here

This kit contains
• Front & Rear Long Travel Struts and Shocks
• Front Strut Top Plates KJSP01
• Choose from Front Coil CRDSTU 04 OR Front Constant Load Coil CRDSTU 04HD
• Choose from Rear Coil CRDSTU 05 OR Rear Constant Load Coil CRDSTU 05HD

Recommended Upgrades

JBA Upper Arms
If your KK is above 90 - 100,000 KM, it would be advisable to install some JBA Upper A-Arms with this lift. They are complete new HD upper control arms that are designed to cope with lift and run a much heavier ball joint. The factory arms lack coil clearance when lifted springs are installed and can come into contact with the upper ball joint boot. The Upper stock ball joint is also only just capable of running a lift so these new Upper A Arms correct the ball joint geometry and sit the ball joint more square at normal ride height thus achieving a better resting angle. Less angle means less stress on the ball joints. Made in the USA.

This ball joint is also greaseable and replaceable unlike the factory item - they can be found here.

Ultimate KK Cherokee Steering Rack Brace
The Steering Rack Support Bracket Kit has been developed to add extra support to the rack main mounts as well as improve the Steering Rack movement problems that are found in the KK.
We have seen customers using their Cherokee’s in off-road conditions that end up damaging the rack mounting brackets, this is because the factory mount is only single shear i.e. the rack mounting is only supported on the lower side of the rack mounting face.
This new rack support bracket makes the mounting of the steering rack double shear i.e. the rack is supported on both the upper and lower faces of the mounts on the cross-member.


Please Note:
• The Constant Load front and rear coils are recommended for vehicles with a Bar and or Winch and/or CRD, or with rear drawer systems, recovery gear, constantly running with heavy loads.
• Front Strut Top Plates come standard in all of our kits, however these are not needed on a petrol vehicle without bullbar.

• Over 5yrs of solid testing and tweaking.
• Works for both petrol and CRD KK's
• All Australian made parts
Lifetime warranty on coils