Murchison Ram 1500 2" - 2.5" Suspension Kit + GVM Upgrade

  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit with added Upper Control Arms
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.0" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 Strut Top Plates
  • Murchison Ram 1500 Strut Top Plates and Sway Bar Link Spacers
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.0" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.0" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 2.5" Suspension Kit
13 kg
Package Dimensions: 
50 × 30 × 50 cm

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Australian designed and manufactured HD coils specifically made for your Australian Ram 1500!
We've taken our coil technology and design philosophy's used to create our well-regarded Jeep coils and produced them for the Ram 1500. There are a few ways you can go about using these coils depending on your application and vehicle setup, but here's a little background into the how's and why's.

The stock front end of the 1500's sit really close, too close in fact to the bump stop strike and you can really feel it, the factory does this to tilt the nose down for aero and stance. Once you add a front bullbar and she's literally resting on the stops. So - enter our coils. Our HD coils add just over 11% spring rate to the stock front coil and we have 2 options for the rear, a 20% increase rate coil and a 40% increase rate coil. The larger of the 2 being for constant or permanent hight loads ie: a rear canopy or steel tray / Tradie Ute Back Service Body's etc. You can also add the Airbag Man airbags to our rear coils for the ultimate in load carrying without sacrificing the ride quality. 

All Murchison coils come with a full Lifetime Warranty against sagging and breakage!
Our special coils are also compatible with all shock options. Stock, Bilstein, Fox, Kings, Procomp and Falcon shocks are the only shocks we deal in and for good reason.

Price usually dictates shock selection for the most part which is a shame, but we will leave one recommendation with you - if you change from an empty daily driven 1500 to a fully loaded setup or are intent on doing long haul towing with heavy loads behind your Ram, then it's a good idea to put your money towards some quality adjustable shocks, you won't regret it. The ride quality changes are very noticeable between settings and you're spine will thank you for it!

Murchison Coils + Stock Shocks

Includes our Strut Top Plates & Sway Bar Link Spacers.

For half of the vehicles we've done in house so far, we've utilised the stock shocks - reason being is that they ride really well with 2" of extra height on board and our matched spring rates still give a factory like ride, so good in fact our customers' are telling us its far better! 

We've worked very hard and gone through a few test coil rates/designs to come up with the perfect recipe for your daily driver Ram 1500, and let's face it its a beautiful ride so you don't want a truck or train-like stiff spring in there ruining the experience.
The various vehicles we put our test coils in (including our own Ram 1500), had an array of different setups therefore weights. Alloy winch bars, with & without steel winch mounts, portable bolt in hitch mounted winches, and no bar on the front which will sit them approx 10mm higher. 

We also include a pair of front strut top spacers to add an extra 10mm of height if you require it should you want that 2.5/3.0" look or if you were to change/upgrade later on down the track to a steel winch bar.  That way our kit has that little extra flexibility in it when it comes to ride heights. Also with the rear coils as mentioned above there are 2 types both with GVM upgraded specs. 20% or 40% increased rate so please select your drop-down box accurately. Also - if you want that 3" to 3.5" rear look but are not carrying the loads, the 40% coil will give you that exactly and still retains a brilliant ride quality. 

Murchison Coils + Bilstein Shocks

Includes our Strut Top Plates & Sway Bar Link Spacers.

Bilstein 5100 Series shocks feature a monotube design for cooler, more efficient operation and longer life. They have the largest available piston diameter for this level of shock, providing superior handling and performance. The shocks' patented digressive valving instantly reacts to changing surface conditions for maximum comfort and control—on and off the road. These shocks also have split compression and rebound valving tuned for each specific application. Whilst being a nice upgrade to have on board, they are not mandatory as the stock shocks ride so well, but if you want something with a bit more valve rate in them then move up to the Fox or Kings. 

This Matched Set of Bilsteins gives you a front replacement strut and a rear, longer travel shock.

* 2" seamless extruded tube
* 14mm centerless-ground, case-hardened, chromed, and super-polished rod
* 46mm Bilstein digressive piston
* Self-adjusting, deflective-disc independent rebound and compression


Murchison Coils + Falcon Piggyback Shocks

Includes our Strut Top Plates & Sway Bar Link Spacers.

The Ram 1500 Falcon Sport Shock Absorber System is engineered to deliver increased stability and control as well as improved ride quality and comfort both on and off-road. These compact and affordable shocks are ideal for daily driven vehicles however they do give a much firmer sporty feel.
The technology in this set is something else - in all of our kits we bring in, we opt for the externally adjustable versions. This gives the rear shock an external clicker to create different firmnesses for Towing and or empty loads. 
These couple of videos are a must to watch for those wanting to look at the Falcons.

• Monotube front shock absorbers
• Adjustable piggyback rear shock absorbers
• Rear Fast Adjust knob w/ 3 compression settings for large damping adjustments
• Rear adjustment settings include: Comfort & Control, Moderate Tow/Haul, & Heavy Tow/Haul

GVM Upgrade

Currently, we can only offer this from our workshop in Queensland, but we are actively seeking engineers in other states to approve our GVM for their respected transport dept. If you have any questions regarding the GVM options for your vehicle, or in your state, please call us to discuss.