Murchison Ram 1500 3" - 3.5" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit + GVM

  • Murchison Ram 1500 3" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 3" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 3" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit
  • Murchison Ram 1500 3" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit - With Airbag Man Airbag
  • Murchison Ram 1500 3" Fox Coilover Suspension Kit - With Airbag Man Airbag
13 kg
Package Dimensions: 
50 × 30 × 50 cm

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The Murchison / Fox Coilovers allows for an adjustment range between 2.5" and 3.5" inches of lift over stock height in the front. This Coilover kit includes pre-installed coil springs which makes for much easier installation as no coil spring compressor is required (only for adjustment). The Fox front strut is a direct replacement coilover shock with proven race-winning performance in a simple direct replacement bolt in application. All Fox Suspension Systems are rigorously tested by Fox engineers to maximize suspension travel and performance on and off the road, before being released into the market. 

Second to this, at Murchison's we've worked hard and gone through a number of test coil rates/designs to come up with the perfect recipe for your daily driven Ram 1500 - let's face it, it's a beautiful ride so you dont want a train-like stiff spring in there ruining that experience.

I myself (Stuart Murchison) have bolted a number of different spring and shock combinations to my own 1500 during initial testing and have settled on a perfect recipe. We have even created our own custom rear Fox Remote Res shock that isn't available anywhere else in the world! Custom length, valving and top and bottom bush/tube changes have been made to ensure MAXIMUM wheel travel and bump stroke, maximum comfort without being overly stiff, nor too spongy............

And towing? LIKE A DREAM! Ultra comfortable! We can also custom revalve this shock if you need it firmer to suit a super heavy load in the rear, like a rear camper back touring setup. 

Also having a front ride height adjustable Coilover means you can trim the ride height later on down the track should you add a bullbar, winch etc.

We've also allowed for a certain percentage increase that has room for approval for a GVM upgrade should you require it, and yes we can provide that for you in house on QLD registered vehicles.

In the kit:

FOX Ram 1500 Front Coilovers, set to 2.5" lift - please contact us if you want them wound up to approx 3 or 3.5"
Murchison Rear 2.5" HD rear coils - please select 20%, 40% or 60% rear coils. We run the 40% in our own vehicle for reference of height
Custom Murchison FOX Remote Res Rear IPF Long Travel Shocks

All Murchison coils come with a full Lifetime Warranty against sagging and breakage!


Price usually dictates shock selection for the most part which is a shame, but we will leave one recommendation with you - if you change from an empty daily driven 1500 to a fully loaded setup or are intent on doing long-range towing with heavy loads behind your Ram, then it's good idea to put your money towards some quality suspension. You won't regret it.