WK2 Petrol Grand Cherokee 2.25" - 2.5" Suspension System

  • WK2 Petrol Grand Cherokee 2.25" - 2.5" Suspension System
  • WK2 Petrol Grand Cherokee 2.25" - 2.5" Suspension System
  • WK2 Petrol Grand Cherokee 2.25" - 2.5" Suspension System

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Our suspension system for the WK2 is the best on the market. This suspension kit also raises the front end of your WK2, leveling it out and giving your WK2 the look it should have had from the factory. The WK2 is without a doubt an amazing on-road vehicle, handling is second to none due to the Mercedes platform. So lift it with a proven suspension system, designed by Jeep and Grand Cherokee specialists, not a company that mass produces for every make and model of 4x4.

Please Note:
Post-installation your WK2 will require a full front and rear wheel alignment. If installed at Murchison Products we include this at a discounted rate built into our overall install price.


Front WK2 Petrol Setup

Petrol WK2’s need new front struts due to internal changes made inside the struts from 2014 onward. We use ride height adjustable IPF Struts along with our own CRDSTU specific coils rated for this setup. These struts can come pre-assembled for a small additional fee.

• WK2 IPF Ride Height Adjustable Front Diesel Struts
- Internal bumpstop, and ant-top-out system insides stops any banging or other noise with a lifted Petrol WK2.
• CRDSTU 10-3.6 Front Coils
- Suited to Petrol V6 for a 2.25" - 2.5" lift
• CRDSTU WK2 Strut Top Plates (pair)
- 10mm spacers that sit on top of the struts


Rear WK2 Petrol Setup

• CRDSTU 11 Rear Coil 
- Suited for Petrol V6 and Hemi without self-leveling rear shocks, 2.5" lift
• CRDSTU WKSP02 Rear Shock Spacers (pair)
- Come standard in all of our kits, and must be used in all applications Petrol and CRD regardless of shock type.

Please Note:
We are able to supply genuine Mopar Nivomat rear shocks for the WK2 at a fraction of the dealership pricing. Contat us for more details if you need them.

• Over 3 years of solid testing and tweaking.
• Works with both Petrol and CRD models.
• All Australian made parts with lifetime warranty on CRDSTU Coils
• Developed by people who actually OWN these vehicles and drive them on a daily basis to ensure perfection!