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Timken Ram 2500 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assemblies

  • Timken Ram 2500 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assemblies

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RESTORE SMOOTH DRIVING EXPERIENCE: precision-engineered to fit vehicle-specific applications, the Timken Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly provides friction-free movement and rotation. Its capacity to withstand substantial radial loads reduces unsprung weight (weight not supported by springs) to return your vehicle to optimal driving performance and fuel efficiency

TRUST IN TIMKEN: as the leading authority on tapered roller bearings, Timken applies their deep knowledge of metallurgy, tribology, and mechanical systems to improve the reliability and efficiency of friction-management automotive parts worldwide

SELECT A DURABLE ASSEMBLY: the integrated heavy-duty raceway reduces vibrations and increases stiffness, improving bearing performance and extending product life. The maintenance-free assembly with state-of-the-art housing is designed to protect the sensitive sensors and components from road hazards and potential damage

INSTALL AND MAINTAIN EASILY: built to meet or exceed OE specifications, the pre-greased and pre-sealed bearing design features an internally mounted anti-lock braking (ABS) sensor protected from road debris designed to match specific make and model. Bolt-on installation is easy. Moreover, the wheel speed sensor, which is integrated into the unit, is fully serviceable